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Emre Osmanlar comes from the Cyprus island and is the heir of a lineage dating from the Karmans, the Ottoman Empire founders. He was lured into the seductive world of gemstones while he was still a child. Back then he spent hours watching and playing with the few remaining family heirlooms. Nostalgic and naturally inspired by the traces of the past, he created his first collection “Byzantium” as a tribute to his roots and a way to indicate his deep love and appreciation for the art of jewelry. His in-depth knowledge of artistic history allows him to carefully mix his contemporary approach with the timeless designs of the past.

OUR ADVICE Emre Osmanlar

How to wear a men’s ring? Our Advice.

The idea that only women can wear rings is a prejudice that no longer exists! Inspired by ancient costums and reinvented by modern designers, stacking rings encounters, once again, a huge success. But how to wear a man’s ring ?

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