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Using her Art history background and her worldly travels, Emily Faith launched her fine jewelry collection, EF Collection, in 2010. She creates delicate pieces that can be worn and enjoyed daily with a chic, sexy and feminine design.

Focusing on the use of 14k gold subtly set with diamonds and precious stones, EF Collection is a distinctive combination of glamour and elegance. Emily brings her own twist to architectural, geometric and classic forms striking a beautiful balance between fashionable and timeless designs. While each piece stands by its own, they are enhanced when mixed, matched, layered, and stacked.

“I design for the everyday woman and draw inspiration from the world around me - Art, Fashion, Travel, Nature, Friends. I try to put an unexpected twist on classic forms keeping my pieces feeling current yet timeless. For me, less is more. While my pieces are delicate my hope is that they still make an impact. Whether paired with jeans and a tee or a cocktail dress my ultimate goal is to make women feel beautiful on the outside, in turn allowing their inner confidence to truly shine!”.
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Choose the right woman’s piercing?

Even though body piercing dates back to the dawn of times, it now encounters a huge success. Not only as a trend, piercing is all around the world, helping people to stand out for themselves. Thanks to various shapes, colors and textures, women’s piercing allows any type of creativity. To create your own style, the perfect balance between the area pierced and the jewel is really important.


Women’s piercing: A basic trend?

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