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Since an early age, Céline d'Aoust has always been fascinated by stones. Her mother taught her the knowledge of the energy of gems and stones. Céline unveiled, in 2009, her first collection of precious and semi-precious gems. Since then, she has been travelling each year to meticulously choose all the stones she will later work on in Jaipur, with the best craftsmen. It is in her Brussels' studio that the alchemy takes place. Ideas become jewelry, poetry and luxury. Céline d’Aoust is very attentive to the details of each piece of jewelry. Her art is based on the characteristics and the symbolic values of stones. She focuses on contrasts, like the "harsh" and precious elements. All her jewelry is handmade. Her creations are unique and delicate. Céline is passionate about the fascinating colour palette of tourmalines. Colourful tourmaline develops in a liquid-rich environment and some of these liquids can be captured as inclusions during the crystal growth. The most typical inclusions are wire-shaped cavities, parallel to the length of the crystal. The inclusions are much more visible in gems with a light tone and a low colour saturation. Céline d'Aoust considers these inclusions to be an essential element of the stone’s nature. In this way, imperfections are celebrated!
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