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Buddha Mama is a handmade jewelry brand inspired by Buddhism and Eastern traditions. Searching a way to raise funds for her local Buddhist center, Zen Village, Nancy Badia began stringing beads and selling bracelets.

After 25 years working with her husband and building their family business, Nancy decided to embrace life in a more creative way while still honoring her spirituality. Thus, Buddha Mama was born. Nancy and team began traveling around the world, looking for stones, carvings and craftmen who could become creative partners.

A few years and collections later, Buddha Mama's collections are sold in many boutiques and shops around the world. Nancy started to work with her daughter, Dakota, also a jewelry designer. Dakota’s childhood friend, Leyla, joined the team to help run the company.
“To be able to do what we love and give back in the process is the biggest blessing anyone could ask for.”