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Maverick: In English this term refers to non-conformists. It defines a person who thinks and acts independently and differently from others. Buck Palmer is a brand made and carried by the Maverick... by one who is as free as a bird.. By the adventurous, free-spirited who dances at his own pace and knows no frontiers or limits. Rustic-Luxe. Each piece is part of a story... Inspired by the travels around the world and the different cultures, the encounters and the crazy and free experiences that nothing could buy... These jewelry and accessories are made of metals of the highest quality, possessing virtues beneficial to the holistic health, so whatever our adventures bring us we will be firm and resolved against the so-called ups and downs-the Maverick knows that in life Everything is a gift, whose packaging is sometimes different... of all this is born the fearlessness and we become strong, even if vulnerable, on the road that leads us to each of our unique destinations: The journey here and now. "Classic polished solid silver... with rustic, beaten, burnt and oxidized mixed metals, the brand's collections exude diversity. We hope that you will love the brand and be part of these unique beings who carry it with Love " : That's all Buck Palmer.