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Bibi van der Velden’s jewelry might be fashioned from haute, precious materials such as 18k fairtrade gold, diamonds, and baroque pearls, but there’s a very human quality to her intricately-crafted designs. Bibi believes that jewelry should imbue the wearer with energy, with her pieces offering a playful, personal, and highly artistic take on fine jewelry.

This personal touch comes from a jewelry-making process that’s grounded in traditional craftsmanship. Working with sustainable and unexpected materials, among them 60,000-year-old mammoth tusk, ostrich eggs, and scarab wings, Bibi hand-sketches and hand-carves each piece in wax. Bibi describes her jewelry pieces as “miniature sculptures.”

Nature and the animal world is another constant in Bibi’s designs, from earrings fashioned as swirling tornadoes to statement alligator earrings carved from mammoth tusk and gold, to a noble mammoth unicorn that sits on a gold ring. Movement and transformation is a hallmark of her work. A Tahitian pearl spins in the Galaxy Spinning Pearl Ring, while ornate cocktail rings whose design spotlights monkeys or panthers hide a smaller, sleek gold ring within. With this unique element of surprise, there’s always more to a Bibi van der Velden piece than meets the eye.