"I love jewelry, I love jewelry, I love them for the story she tells us without words.", says Jan Bergsoe. The Danish designer believes that humans and animals have adorned themselves since the dawn of time." He uses jewelry to transmit a silent signal, to reveal a desire, to share joy, or simply to satisfy human drives. In each piece, he is aiming at sending an eloquent message. All the jewels are handcrafted, mainly from durable materials, and always using gold, silver, gemstones and beads. Since each element was created by nature, all he does is follow its inherent conception. He adds a few touches, but never competes with nature: each fragment is already telling a story long before he puts his hands on it. He seeks out the abstract imperfections of nature, scatter precious objects and gather them: a falling leaf, a solitary creature at the bottom of the sea, an animal's eye. He sometimes combines all these with artificial accents for inspiration: great operas, poems, Industrial Design, The clank of the factory steel. Taken together, everything becomes music made of gold. With nature as a conductor. " Boaz Kashi. Telavivian designer Boaz Kashi established his activity almost 20 years ago, inheriting the talent of his father Abraham Kashi, and perpetuating the tradition of four generations since 1889. Kashi's passion for gemstones led him to create unusual jewelry patterns, which cannot be imitated and cannot be replicated elsewhere in the world. The jewelry of Boaz Kashi is made from 18k-24k gold, precious stones and diamonds. The unique shapes and designs are a platform for beauty and power both at the same time. Boaz Kashi participates in worldwide jewelry shows and attracting clients from all over the world.

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