The brand name AWKN1 is an abbreviation for The Awakened One, which refers to Shakyamuni Buddha’s enlightenment or liberation; waking up from the deep sleep state of reifying reality as we know it or perceive it. Inspired by the vision of a sovereign humanity and the belief of the intrinsic Awakened power in Man and its multi-dimensional essence. AWKN1 proposes engaged and ludic jewelry pieces that empower, inspire and remind one of the True, the Good and the Beautiful Nature of Reality.
Born from the union of two passions, AWKN1 is the child of beauty and wisdom. Inspired by Universal principles of wisdom, AWKN1 offers unique collections of fine jewelry, contemporary and elegant, yet sometimes edgy and provoking. With their own clear conviction, AWKN1 Mystic jewelry exposes meaning and purpose and honors the essence and potential of the human spirit.
AWKN1 believes in dreaming the world into a wiser and kinder reality and sharing its intrinsics beauty as far wide as possible.
AWKN1 headquarters is based in Bangkok in the heart of the Diamond district. All jewelry pieces are meticulously handcrafted by highly qualified and dedicated artisans under the exigence of AWKN1 team and the founder and designer Anne-Marie Le Flanchec.
Anne-Marie’s personal connection with the Kingdom of Thailand; renowned for roots steeped in spiritual practices and philosophy and longstanding tradition rich in craftsmanship, is the core purpose of the showroom and ateliers being located there.

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