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15 years of friendship, an association that resonates as evidence with a common desire to express emotions through message jewellery while developing a unique know-how. Two friends, two universes, who combine their skills to make one: Atelier Paulin. The brand is born of an ancestral know-how which was about to be lost: the art of hand-shaping a jewel with a precious metal thread. Atelier Paulin jewelry is created using a disappearing ancestral technique: the art of hand shaping a precious metal wire into beautiful creations. They reinterpreted this technique, and put into it all our expertise, experiences, wishes and emotions… In the heart of New-York, a team of artisans put all their love and passion into shaping each precious metal wire. This unique skill is now theirs, aiming to carry on this wonderful art and share it with their clients in Paris, in France and all over the world. Transmission is the essence of the brand. Each creation is handcrafted in the atelier, making it completely unique.