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The jewelry brand Andrea Fohrman, based in Los Angeles, is inspired by the different cycles and forms of the moon. Handmade from 18-carat gold and recycled metals, each unique piece is adorned with stones chosen by the designer herself. Tree-carpeted canyons, sunlit redwood forests and the waters of the Pacific are evoked in her designs, which possess a careful use of color, symmetry and a bit of the unexpected. With Florence, London, and her grandmother’s jewelry box as muses it is not surprising to find in Andrea’s collections delightful details and a bold use of color, paired with whisperings of the distant past. It is this paradox of timelessness and modernity that inspires her to design hand-crafted, contemporary pieces that always retain their uniqueness and femininity. Committed to authenticity, in life and work, those who know Andrea know her as an ever evolving, often laughing, creative force and true friend. Andrea Forhman is inspired by the Victorian and Art Deco eras, giving each piece a distinctive elegance.