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A young designer from the Instituto Marangoni in Paris, Margaux Fouchère wants to combine fashion and jewelry in the spirit of continuity.
Cradled in the world of fashion, her childhood is at the heart of family history mixing heritage and renewal.

The jewel would be like the end point to a toilet, the common feature between the woman and her inner world.
Creation is born from this desire to transmit an adventure where each woman will express her own singularity.
This is how the vintage jewelry transmitted by her mother is the starting point of her inspirations.

The world of Altana draws its essence from the observation of the world around us in search of a new harmony.
Altana, meaning "the highest", is then playing constellations of our sky. The stars illuminate us forming pure lines.
It's a homecoming despite the passing of time, a call to minimalist lines.
Diamonds are punctuated by asymmetrical forms that bind gold together.
The rush, key of the collection, symbolizes the union as witness of a timeless imprint.

Altana has been able to showcase French know-how and elegance.
All creations are entirely made in France, from conception to completion.
Through the jewelry they offer a mix between the nobility of materials and exceptional craftsmanship.

Altana places her beliefs in sharing and transmission.