Alessa Jewelry

Alessa Jewelry

Alessa Jewelry is a fairy tale based on the love story between the two creators Yuvraj Pahuja and Alessandra Robles. They met during their years of study at the GemologicaI Institute of America.The designs are inspired by the Guatemalan origins of Alessandra and the know-how of the Yuvraj family within the Dubai-based jewelry industry. Alessa jewelry offers unique motifs based on the collision of two distinct philosophies : strength and unity in success. Thanks to this avant-garde approach and their individual experiences, the brand Alessa Jewelry has gained a worldwide reputation in less than 10 years and is part of the most significant and creative emerging talents of the jewelry industry. The brand is a balance between classic and contemporary through its eclectic but incomparable collections, each meticulously crafted and handmade. Strongly inspired by the Latin American and Indian ethos, Alessa arouses a modern, dynamic and edgy appeal aiming to satisfy the women and men desires’.

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