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Alberto Gallinari was born in Brescia in 1991. Coming from a family of jewelers, he shows an excessive creativity at an early age, and uses it today for the benefit of jewelry, which is to him synonymous with nature and passion. At the age of 21, he decides to perpetuate the family tradition and starts working with his father. A year later, he starts collaborating with Italian stylists to improve his knowledge of the world of fashion. Just a year after, he launches his first jewelry collection which receives laudatory feedback from professionals. Today, its brand is distributed in different shops in Italy and France, but in Paris you will find it exclusively at Mad Lords.
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OUR ADVICE Alberto Gallinari

What are the man’s ring trends?

Creative men’s ring are more and more popular and regain a deserved success. However, men’s wedding ring are not relegated to men’s jewelry wardrobe. 


How to wear a men’s ring? Our Advice.

The idea that only women can wear rings is a prejudice that no longer exists! Inspired by ancient costums and reinvented by modern designers, stacking rings encounters, once again, a huge success. But how to wear a man’s ring ?

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