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AIMÉE.AIMER is a Parisian fine jewelry House founded on the spirit of chic, joy, colors and femininity; a joyful luxury to wear every day. The Designer Carine Larretgère has retained from the years spent at Louis Vuitton and Marc Jacobs the taste of accessory and fashion and invents contemporary, joyful fine jewelry. Like these beaten tracks that suddenly branch off into an beautiful hidden landscape, after 10 years of a successful carrier in luxury and her twins’ birth, she decided to unleash her inside creativity and set up AIMÉE.AIMER. She can thus give way to her passion for precious stones, which enthrall her since childhood. But she also wants to merge the inspirations gathered when she was living and travelling through Latin America with the very roots of a born and bred Parisian girl. She craves to write her own stories about jewels, as the ones that were family tales such as this « sorcière » (witch) bracelet, an heirloom from mother to daughter since the XVI century, or this ring adorned with a beautiful «pigeon blood » ruby, said to be among the rarest gems and given by of one of her lovers to a gorgeous ancestor. At AIMÉE.AIMER, she intertwines inspirations and multiple stories. Carine goes in search of other wonderful cultures to enrich her own Parisian spirit. Inspirations meet and mix a refined line, a certain simplicity, a Parisian stylishness with the beauty of nature, its forms and its colors, with the cultures and rites of South America, with real or imaginary trips, and with feelings too. AIMÉE.AIMER’s high standards reflect in the luxury of the slightest details: the choice of the gems, of course, and the wish to always emphasize the harmony of colors with the beauty of gold, but also the polished and satiny material, the fluid movement of organic shapes or even the way the jewel is worn. The story of AIMÉE.AIMER is also about working with workshops that have a perfect know-how, and the relationship with the persons who give life to jewels is essential. As is often the case at AIMÉE.AIMER, everything has a story. What is the story of the name? It is a simple one: to love (Aimer) and be loved (être Aimé), the essential engines of life for the one who met her husband when she was 20, hence this choice. As simple as that.