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DHL Express delivery and returns free from $500
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Why is piercing so attractive to women ?

It is everywhere, spreading as a golden, silver or multicolored powder, crossing borders carrying beauty and love. It particularly embellishes and sublimes women who now wear more than just a single earring. Discover how women’s piercings became a long-standing trend.

Getting pierced became a way to exist: women’s piercing has change everything

Known since the dawn of time, this body art was in the first place, the prerogative of tribes and communities. In Asia, Africa, the Middle East or even South America, each and every one was carrying its jewelry as the privilege way to show their belonging to a group. Piercing was back then a social marker, worn by every members of a community. The Aztec and Maya tribes competed through the number of jewelries they wore, to affirm their wealth. But women then used piercing to firmly claim their identity, their beauty or their husband’s wealth. They brought new significations to piercings. In the West, during the Flower Power trend of the 70s, it became a distinctive sign of an individual aestheticism. Admittedly, piercings, such as tragus or helix were worn by individuals sharing the same ideas. But through the years it also became, alongside tattoos, a way for people to express themselves, to stand out of the norms and the crowd.

A piercing rather than a tattoo

Nowadays, many of us are more likely to have their ears pierced than getting a tattoo. Following a trend or as a personal approach, the women’s piercings appears to lend itself to this distinction.

A thoughtful choice

Women who chose piercing over tattoos make a reversible but deliberated choice. The ear can heal, and the little hole can disappear over the years. Moreover, it is easier to hide a piercing than a tattoo. Despite the growing and global success of this trend, piercings can still be frowned upon or forbidden in some areas, mainly professional ones. However, pierced ears can be the way to an easy change of style by switching jewels.

Piercing areas

There are 3 types of piercings : corporal (navel, nipple), facial (ears, eyebrows, nose) or oral (lips, tong). The ear piercing is the most popular, even though studs and septum earrings are finding their way. Many celebrities, as Scarlett Johansson, Rihanna or Zoe Kravitz proudly wear this jewelry. There are many body areas that can be pierced: the tragus, the helix and the earlobe. Spread on the ear or stacked, one can wear many different earrings, mixing styles : studs, diamond pavings, or hoops.

Stacking ear jewelry

Stacking is the art of assembling many jewels, worn simultaneously. This trend lends itself admirably to piercing.

The path to a successful piercing

The secret to an ideal piercing full of significations and aesthetic lies in the perfection of its realization. Choosing the right area, a piercer you trust as well as the perfect jewel is crucial. Aesthetic considerations aside, having your ears pierced is a surgical act that requires carefulness. The right piercer for you, is the one you feel comfortable with, who answers any of your questions and of course who is well renowned. Alongside trust, make sure he follows each step of the sanitary procedure.

A jewelry devoted to piercing

Many jewelers chose to create exclusive jewelry dedicated to the body art of piercing. Women can now express their tastes and aesthetic not only through their cloths but also through jewelry and their body. As a first jewel, it is important to wear a biocompatible earring, to help the healing process. Whether it is the lobe or the cartilage, any infection is to be avoided. Therefore, precious materials such as gold, silver and steel are the best options. Through piercing, women allow more creativity with various shapes and colors enabling them to express their personality. Coco Chanel said: « In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different ».

The opinion of Mad Lords’ creator, Caroline Muller

What is more pleasant than being able to reinvent ourself every day? Piercing is one of the best ways to express your personality. Find, at Mad Lords, piercing jewelry crafted by designers from all around the world.

Come to visit us and discover our piercing collections.

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