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April 05, 2021 2 min read

How to choose a woman’s necklace by Mad Lords

Made of flowers, a necklace is a welcome gift. With gold and pearls, it becomes a parure. Some pearls have been found during archeological excavations. A necklace is much more than a simple jewel. As a timeless traveler, a necklace has always perfectly suited women.

Jewelry: between fashion trends and personal aspirations

Aesthetic trends come and go with a certain regularity. However, new ones are still created each year. Some audacious designers use ancient trends: baroque art, bohemian style, hippie designs and classic austerity. All these, reunited, create what we call trends, and they adapt to modern times and aesthetics. More intimate and amusing than a piece of clothes, a jewel can represent many things.

Woman’s necklace: a mean of the heart

As a discreet or extravagant woman, each sensibility can be found in a necklace. A a simple yellow gold chain or a rose gold long necklace, this piece of jewelry has always a stunning effect.

The choker: a pure pattern

A thin chain with small meshes recall first jewels. Recalling birthdays, anniversaries, family or religion, these necklaces are very personal and emotional. The chokers made of thin gold chains can be set with small pendants. The possibilities are limitless: floral or animal patterns…

The long necklace: the bold type

Wearing a long necklace is reveals another approach to jewelry. Worn proudly, it perfectly decorates clothes. With a big jumper or a turtleneck, a small chain is too discreet. A long one can have bigger mesh, mixing different textures, colors or shapes. It is a necklace anybody must have !

Style beyond shapes repertory

The personality of the owner is as important as the shape of the necklace.

The plurality of women style

The shape options are limited when it comes to necklaces, so it is the final allure of the object that matters. Rock, bohemian or classic ? Some women prefer silver or white gold necklaces set with a skull shaped pendant. Others rather wear a 18K yellow gold piece with sensual and meaningful charms as Jacquie Aiche’s necklaces.

How to stack necklaces for women ?

Here’s a basic trend that dates back and truly sublimates jewelry. Most women have a great collection of jewelry and enjoy mixing different styles, shapes, colors and textures to create a perfect harmony, just like Alessandra Ambrosio does. Basic or original necklaces created by the most audacious designers are, as diamonds, timeless.

The opinion of Mad Lords’ creator (Caroline Muller)

Women get challenged every day. At Mad Lords, we want to give them strength throughout jewelry. As a meaningful ornament, necklaces bring kindness to whomever may wear it.

Come in our boutique and find the perfect one for you!

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