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DHL Express delivery and returns free from $500
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DHL Express delivery and returns free from $500
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Many kinds of bracelets

Buying a bracelet as a gift can be a real challenge. Even though it dates back ages ago, there are today many different types of bracelets. How to choose the right one? A single bangle or a stack, Mad Lords will help you choose the perfect fit.

A fascinating adornment

Bracelets are true mystery. It can perfectly fit the wrist, catch an eye and carry a message. The first bracelets were created at the dawn of time, thanks to the work of iron. They had many different meanings. It was a sign of authority or wealthiness. Some wore bracelets to mark their social status. The wives of Lords or Kings match their wrist ornaments with her husbands’. Healers wore distinguished bracelets, as spiritual guides. Made of an alloy, of metals, leather or strings, women’s bracelet passed through time. Nowadays bracelets offer a wide range of patterns. All women can find a bracelet that fits their identity.

Women’s bracelets: the true simplicity

As an ideal gift, the first modern bracelets were very simple. But these jewels were always adorned with the most obvious allure.

Bangles, curb chains and cuffs

Some may prefer a simple, refined and classical bracelet to highlight their wrist. Recalling viking legacy and evocating a kind of ethnicity, the bangles are maybe the most popular bracelets. One can add to them curb chains made of yellow or white gold. These types of bracelets can be made of a thin mesh decorated with a discreet plaque.

Charm bracelets and cuffs

A cuff is wider than a basic bracelet, but still many options are available, corresponding to any sensibility. Adding one or several charms to a chain bracelet gives a Hippie chic allure to the wrist.

Bracelets: the fantasy of women’s

Depending on the trends or the evolutions of society, the bracelet’s jewelry has never been such variegated.

The perfect Stack

Stacking is now part of our daily lifes. Assembling different jewels is really easy when it comes to bracelets. A balanced mix of shapes, colors and textures with beads, leather or thin chains creates the perfect stacks. If you want a rock’n’roll look you just have to match leather with white gold and onyx.

The beauty of a rare jewel

Women’s bracelets are rarely discreet and are inspired by nature or animal patterns. Yellow mat gold perfectly matches diamonds or precious colored stones and rough diamonds fit the black and rose gold. More than an accessory, bracelets are as popular as rings or necklaces. The variety of choices available will guarantee the perfect fit to your wrist.

The opinion of Mad Lords’ creator (Caroline Muller)

As any piece of jewelry, buying a bracelet requires listening and advice.

At Mad Lords, we are honored to help you find the perfect bracelet.

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