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Masculine band ring: how to choose the perfect one?

Creative men’s ring are more and more popular and regain a deserved success. However, men’s wedding ring are not relegated to men’s jewelry wardrobe. Influenced by celebrities or legitimate men’s claim, the men’s rings can be rock, classic, rebel, or hippie. Mad Lords explores these different styles.

The world of men’s ring

When it comes to jewelry and accessories, designers show a great creativity to make unique and authentic jewelry. Anyone can find the perfect budget or style. Rough or refined materials may be set with precious stones or diamonds recall the rock and roll codes of many icons such as Johnny Depp or Lenny Kravitz. It is quite easy to choose the perfect gift for men. Designers who respect their inspirations and the surrounding influences: landscape, people, artistic traditions…These trends are true melting pots built on timeless basics.

Rock'n'roll attitude and biker style

The man ring has existed since the Iron Age and the Antiquity. This jewel is still highly appreciated thanks to the last decade strong trends. Rock artist have made the masculine ring a desirable emblem. s

The rebel hand

The rock attitude is synonymous with rebellion, independence, freedom and recalls myths that lay in any piece of art. Jimi Hendrix or Keith Richards inspire men’s jewelry lovers. As designers define it, the rock and roll attitude is set on the finger with a skull or tiger signet ring paved with black diamonds.

The Lord of the road

A refined material worked with power and strength defines the biker style. A silver band ring or a white gold ring set with onyx reveal the essence of the libertarian biker style: wearing a jewel as an armour with proud and determination.

Ethnic allure and stacks

Complementary or exact opposites, many styles can address men. Minimalist rings or ornamental stacks, the number of combinations is infinite.

A harmonious blend

As a large universe, the ethnic jewel gathers ancient iconography and contemporary patterns to create a hippy chic style. Adjustable rings and their heavy assembly recall the Vikings and their floral patterns or the Native Americans and the Chiefs Heads. Made of black, yellow or white gold and paved with diamonds, wedding rings are carved with geometrical shapes that refer to ancestral designs.

The male version of stacking rings

Stacking is a true basic trend. Mixing wedding rings with large decorative ones is a perfect match seen of podiums, magazines and social media. Today, men and women stack rings on their fingers. A nice stack of rings avoids choosing between two or three rings. A rose gold thumb ring and a black gold signet ring perfectly match a yellow gold wedding ring. You want aring that perfctly matches a man’s bangle? Trends adapt to each personality. The only rule is to have fun.

The opinion of Mad Lords’ creator (Serge Muller)

Men discover the pleasure of wearing jewelry and Mad Lords is glad to advise them and to present a large range of designers.

Come and visit our boutique to discover their amazing work!

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