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March 29, 2021 2 min read

Vanessa de Jaegher, the passion for legacy

Some seem made to follow a luxury and fashion path. Vanessa de Jaegher is one of them. However, she chose to focus on her passions. Between tzigane and rock influences, her work gets more and more famous. Discover her universe in France, at Mad Lords.

Jewelry in her veins

Vanessa de Jaegher fell in love with precious stones brought up by a diamond seller and a jewelry designer. In 2004, she launched a jewelry brand called Stone Paris. Her great creativity led to a collaboration with the very renowned brand Bonpoint. In 2012, again, she worked with Poiray and re-designed their famous heart shaped jewel. The following year, Vanessa de Jaegher launched her own brand. This new adventure allows her to fully express her art and design pieces that address those with similar aesthetic.

A jewel as a statement

The bound between self-imagination and the aesthetic of the clients we want to address in fragile. Vanessa found out how to preserve it in the most perfect way.

All the beauties gathered in one jewel

Vanessa de Jaegher jewels recall her passion and curiosity for the world. Alongside her professional and family legacies, travels are represented in most of her pieces. Her long bone necklaces are set with silver patterns and diamonds. Her vermeil medal and her cuff show Native American symbols. The beauty of the world is represented here and there, on a bracelet, a ring or a necklace…

Audacious creations for each woman

Between discretion flamboyance, choosing between the different Vanessa de Jaegher pieces is an authentic journey. Audacious women enjoy large bracelets made of yellow gold, silver and set with diamonds, big arrow earrings and vermeil necklaces with medals. The more discreet ones will prefer thin curb chain bracelet paved with diamonds or small yellow, white or rose 18K gold hoops set with precious stones.

Artistic classics and rock culture

Why choose between classic and contemporary? Vanessa de Jaegher perfectly mixes art history and musical influences.

Rock’n’Roll in the heart

The rock soul of the designer is quite charming and obvious. Her great signet rings set with black diamonds recall the year 1969. The plectrum pendant is a tribute to Jimi Hendrix. The large cuffs made of silver and diamonds perfectly match the thin black gold and sapphire bangles. Choosing super model Erin Wasson to be the face of the brand was more than an obvious choice.

The bohemian art meets baroque influences

Some of Vanessa de Jaegher pieces have a bohemian touch made of precious materials. Herringbones recall stars, the sun, crosses, plants, lotus flowers, geometrical forms build up piercing jewelry and wrist bangles with a hippie chic and baroque style. Vanessa de Jaegher charms all jewelry lovers who know how wonderful it is to decorate the skin.

The opinion of Mad Lords’ creator (Caroline Muller)

The collaboration between Mad Lords and Vanessa de Jaegher is a beautiful story celebrated by stunning jewelry.

Your rock instinct has awaken? Discover her universe in our boutique !

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