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Maria Tash, a piercing lover and jewelry designer

Only a few designers know how to perfectly conciliate body art requirements with their inspirations. Some even find it impossible. The brilliant Maria Tash is one of the most successful designer in the piercing industry.

An « avant-gardiste » creator

Maria Tash didn’t wait for piercing to encounter its huge success to launch her own brand. Her will to create jewelry dedicated to piercing came during her late childhood when she was already interested in body arts. Amazed by Indian and Pakistanis traditions that raised piercing to its highest level, she worked hard, in the United States to create her brand. She quickly realized that the piercing jewels lacked any form of creativity. They weren’t elegant, only using chirurgical or industrial materials. Maria Tash’s jewels address to those who have their ears pierced and want a true ornament.

Her specialty: the art of piercing

She chose to work for piercing fans. A Maria Tash jewel is beautiful, resistant and hygienic.

The plurality of earrings

A piercing lover can only be amazed by Maria Tash’s numerous creations. The ear allows many creative options. The different areas, the lobe, the tragus, the conch or the rook can be decorated with multiple jewels. Maria Tash enjoys designing earrings for each area, creating the perfect combination on the ear.

Women’s collection

Attentive to trends and changes in the jewelry industry, the designer started to create necklaces or rings to match her earrings and studs. These types of combination are worn bay many female celebrities such as Scarlett Johansson, Zoe Kravitz or Rihanna.

Traditional influences in a contemporary jewelry brand

Maria was first inspired by the way Indians and Pakistanis wore their jewels. These shapes and colors appear in her collections dedicated to piercing.

Safe but precious materials

To offer her clients safe but also beautiful jewelry, Maria Tash uses hypoallergenic materials. As one of the safe materials, 18K gold (yellow, white or rose) is the most used to create her earrings, set with diamonds, turquoises or opals.

An infinity of styles for an assertive diversity

A hoop set with three rows of precious stones recalls the Indian and Pakistanis intellectual roots of the designer. Some earrings have a more bohemian look and others a classical and minimalist style. Maria Tash uses many patterns and shapes: stars, flowers, hand cuffs, lockers, arrows or daggers. Maria Tash started twenty years ago, and all her creations still spark desire. Choosing a rare but easy to wear piercing has never been so simple!

The opinion of Mad Lords’ creator (Caroline Muller)

Wearing a Maria Tash earring perfectly echoes with the art of piercing. At Mad Lords, we care about designers who never give up on their believes when it comes to art: creating beauty with elegance and quality.

Discover our brilliant designers on our website, and come visit us in our shop!

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