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DHL Express delivery and returns free from $500
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DHL Express delivery and returns free from $500
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For a harmonious combination of your rings

According to traditions, there are many different significations when it comes to rings. Discreet body language or reflect of a look of a man’s allure, men’s jewelry is more than an accessory. Wearing several rings at the same time isn’t a women’s privilege.

The secret of a ring on the finger

On the right hand, the left hand, a finger or another, made of silver or gold and set with big precious stones or paved with diamonds. Each of these choices reveal a part of one’s personality, a secret desire bound to others. Before linking rings to spirituality or psychology it is important to have a close look to the jewel features themselves. Adorning our hands is full of meanings. These meanings can be a secret to others but even to the person who wears the rings. It can also be a way to express our tastes and our identity. For men as for women, multiple rings are as expressive as sensual.

A man’s ring: a one-of-a-kind jewel

Men’s jewelry follows certain rules, more subtle than women’s jewelry. As a perfect gift, it has to be chosen with great care.

A ring has its own language

As a tradition, wedding rings are the only items of men’s jewelry that have survived the different trends. However, nowadays, men enjoy wearing rings on each finger. Worn stacked together or by their own, adjustable or made to order, men’s rings are now appreciated again. Their express a “Johnny Depp biker allure” or an ethnical aesthetic. The different shapes and textures allow more and more creativity to the designers. For the purists, the meaning comes with the choice of the finger: the thumb means independence, the forefinger symbolizes fraternity, the middle finger brings strength, the fourth finger bounds you to your beloved and the pinky recalls childhood and emotions.

Matching rings and other jewels

Some rings are sufficient on their own and others need to be match with other rings or any jewels. To create a rock allure or a hippie chic style, choosing several rings to match a bangle or a bracelet. If you take a close look the men’s jewelry brands figures as Johnny Depp, Lenny Kravitz or Keith Richards, the coordination of graphism is obvious.

Masculine ring stacking

For men or women, bracelets, rings or necklace, nice stacks play with contrasts. Nothing is left to chance, but a stack allows one to express a beautiful creativity.

The harmony of shades

Stacking was at first women’s prerogative. This assembling of necklaces, bracelets ang rings shows a beautiful originality and a true artistic research because mixing jewels on a body area requires a specific attention to details. The white gold of a signet ring will perfectly match the black god of a Viking band ring. Yellow gold and yellow mat gold will create the perfect harmony by stacking bagues. As a special material, rose gold is even more beautiful when it is set with other golds or oxidized silver.

The dimensional balance

The create the perfect stack, the balance of shapes is one of the most important things. To add a thumb ring to a wedding ring or a signet ring to an engagement ring: the rules is always the same: finding the perfect balance. Make sure not to be embarrassed by your jewelry and create a nice combination. Alternating big rock’n’roll pieces fully paved with rough diamonds and a smaller piece, maybe a band ring with an onyx stone is a good example. Men’s jewelry reveals an universal quest of identity. A ring recalls the fact that a man’s hand has so many things to offer, more than just strength: it is as beautiful as woman’s hand.

The opinion of Mad Lords’ creator (Serge Muller)

Offering a ring to a man can be delicate and difficult. At Mad Lords, we carefully choose our designers from all around the world.

To find the perfect gift, coma and visit Mad Lords !

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