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How to adapt jewelry to the 2021 trend?

Fashion, which is an eternal source of creativity and new ideas, is strongly bound to jewelry. As a fashionista or an independent designer, everybody enjoys following an aesthetic and so, a way to wear jewels. What are the new bracelet trends in 2021?

Jewelry: the trend of the year

It is the same question every year. What will be the trend to follow and how to adorn our skin and clothes the best way? Traditionalists will choose the glamour touch of fashions shows with their accessories. Magazines, specialized websites and photo shoots give a good preview of the new couture and jewelry trends. The most curious ones are more likely to find inspiration through social media, mainly Instagram used by all designers, from the youngest to the most renowned. Social influencers, fashion and jewelry lovers are a great source of inspiration. So, what is the 2021 trend?

Women’s bracelets: a fashion show or social media trend?

Complementary or competitors, one could think these two industries can’t blend. However, they influence each other. So why not take advantage of this situation?

The comeback of a must have

During the launching of the 2021 collection, designer created pieces adorned with pearls. The common thought that pearls are for grandmothers had come to an end. Pearls shaped as drops, sometimes oversized, are now set on bracelets, necklaces and rings. What’s new? To wear pearls as charms.

Stacking in the spotlight

Already appreciated by jewelry fans, stacking is now very popular among luxury designers. The most renown ones now design stacks to create the perfect harmony around the wrist. Big mat gold curb chains perfectly match thin bangles paved with diamonds.

The reliability of a timeless bracelet

Some patterns remain timeless and so does some of women’s bracelets.

A jewel just for her

Following a trend is easy and reassuring. It helps choosing the perfect gift without making any mistake. But picking an original piece of jewelry is a true proof of love and transforms a bracelet or a ring into a reliable piece. A jewel that fits perfectly one’s personality has no need to follow trends. As a gift, a piece of jewelry will recall the rock attitude or biker style of its owner. Therefore, a rebel style can be highlighted by a silk rope, a thin curb chain or a bangle made of white gold.

The perfect patterns and pieces

There are many other inspirations that designers follow. This diversity is what Mad Lords loves when it comes to designers we work with. Inspired by the pure strength of the Vikings, many women’s bracelets are quite refined. Focusing of simple shapes and patterns, they can be made of white gold and set with rough diamonds. For other designers, it is the hippie chic attitude that helps them create colorful stacks, mixing rose and black gold with precious pearls and stones. Wearing a women’s bracelet in 2021, combines different passions. The beauty of the craftmanship combined to the pleasure of wearing a designer’s piece is what women appreciate when it comes to bracelets. They are also a way to express a certan personality.

The opinion of Mad Lords’ creator (Caroline Muller)

A human being shapes its personality like a designer creates a jewelry piece. At Mad Lords, we choose our designers because of their creativity and their passion.

Come and discover their work in our boutique !

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