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Our little guide to perfectly adorn men’s hands.

The idea that only women can wear rings is a prejudice that no longer exists! Inspired by ancient costums and reinvented by modern designers, stacking rings encounters, once again, a huge success. But how to wear a man’s ring ?

A jewel that dates far back

Men’s jewelry takes us back to time where men were chefs, warriors, craftsmen, religious figures or husbands. From Egyptians times to the Renaissance, passing by Romans, Vikings and the Middle Ages‘ actors, all wore rings to express their identity. Afterwards, only the wedding ring was kept by the working men. In the evolution of fashion and trends, men rediscovered how to wear one or several rings, as true parures.

A men’s jewel unlike any other

The rebel allure of Johnny Depp and the rock and roll attitude of Keith Richards are quite desirable. So are their hands !

Les bagues et leur signification

Our ancestors built habits that are still accurate nowadays. The pinky or the forefinger were adorned with simple rings representing families or tribes. The signet rings were used to close documents and letters. The annular finger always recalls the marital status. The middle finger and the thumb were used to express pones personality.

Style and design of men’s rings

A man’s hand is not the same as a woman’s one. Men are more likely to choose materials that reflect their personality. Designers work according to graphism that highlight the thickness of materials such as silver, yellow gold, white gold or black gold. This also allows creators to play with colors when they add precious stones, onyx or rough diamonds to the jewel.

To adorn a man’s hand

The secret to perfectly wear several rings for a man lies in a couple of basic rules.

Left hand or right hand?

The left hand is often adorned with a wedding ring or a watch. The wise choice would be to wear rings on the right hand. But that doesn’t mean that a wedding ring has to be discreet. Many designers imagine pieces that completely reinvent engagement and wedding rings, giving them a hippy chic or ethnic twist.

Stacking men’s rings

There are many creations and pieces, frequently adjustable, that can create a rock attitude just like Lenny Kravitz or a biker style like Colin Farrell. White and yellow gold are common bases but some pieces use rose or yellow mat gold. Some may be bewitched by a collection and add a bracelet or a bangle to it. Any discomfort, should be avoided. Rings must not bother when writting for example. Rules may help rings fans. However, the best rule to follow is : do what ever you want !

The opinion of Mad Lords’ creator (Serge Muller)

As an ideal gift, a jewelry piece always reveals the creative spirit of its designer. At Mad Lords, we aim to introduce international designers and share their vision.

Come and visit our boutique to discover this fascinating world.

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