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A designer that combines modern era and traditional techniques

For those who are looking for jewelry pieces that break established codes and conventions, Henson’s art is ideal. Crafting rough, sober but still sophisticated jewels is the claim of the brand. Mad Lord walks you through Henson’s universe.

The will of a rough jewelry

The Henson’s workshops are located in Australia. The brand perfectly handles classic jewelers’ techniques as well as a very modern and contemporary vision of shapes and materials. Using recycled resources to give them a second life, the crew challenges the industry. Made of re-used silver or gold, set with precious stones; each aspect of every piece is unique. Bracelets, rings, necklaces : all designs are made to perfectly suit their owner and reflect a personality.

A vintage Allure

Experimentation is quite unexpected when it comes to jewelry making. It is however obvious that daring, according to this creator’s collection, allows a great creativity.

Confection Techniques

When it comes to jewelry, decoration or even television, vintage is often restricted to objects that recall a past style or trend. But the love of old techniques is why we love vintage. So why not buy a Henson bangle? Made of used silver, their recall past techniques and craftmanship.

Rough diamonds and classic motifs

The pendants’ and rings’ motifs recall this classical past inspiration. Vintage designs are on all of the designer’s pieces : an intaglio rose on an oval silver plaque, a star made of black diamonds set on a signet ring, an eye or a feather on a bracelet or a snake on a pendant.

An authentic man jewel

Henson’s creations are all genuine. Pure shapes and handcrafting following ancient techniques make men really appreciate these pieces.

A rock’n’roll look

When it comes to jewelry, the biker look is always around. The designer creates bracelets made of large and thick silver links and adorned with patterns and diamonds. Rectangular pendants as military plaques give a rock attitude to some pieces. Henson creates rings set with grey diamonds or black cabochons.

Mixing gold and silver

The mix of silver and 18K yellow gold on some of Henson’s pieces can catch the eye of jewelry fans. Signet rings, pendants or cuffs are adorned with gold and rubies. In the high jewelry industry, designers compete in the field of creativity. Henson is an original jeweler, following traditions and creating contemporary but still timeless pieces.

The opinion of Mad Lords’ creator (Serge Muller)

Mad Lords is constantly searching artists and designers who are proud of their differences. Followed by the people who wear their creations, these designers stand out of a normalized and uniformed society.

Take a look at our website and discover the pieces of this Australian designer.

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